XML Developer's Guide

Fabio Arciniegas A.

Below you will find updates to the programs on the CD and additional software and pointers to keep your book updated and useful.

If you have purchased the book and have a comment or an XML-related question, please feel free to contact the author at faa@thefaactory.com.

Additional Software

The following software was either (1) upgraded since the book release or (2) not included on the CD because of copyright/license and/or running environment issues.



In spite of the best efforts of the author and publisher, all books have errors. The following is a list of all the known mistakes in XML Develper's Guide. Thanks to E. Majikste for support.

Page Line/Fig Description Reads Should Read
9 first sample incorrect closing tag for surname name surname
14 6 Missing / in closing tag <bar> </bar>
16 fig 1.6 Missing / in closing tag <title> </title>
18 * Missing / in closing tags <product> </product>
27 top two lines "colon" instead of "semicolon" colon semicolon
30 * missing ! <-- <!--
84 and 85 SAXMovies
wrong (old and buggy code) mising / and comparision download CD update v1.0 
95 second line from bottom copy/paste error aName="year" aName="rated"
95 parag.2 last line Incorrect reference Building little languages Builders (QuadTree)
96 example Missing ; %operator %operator>
96 parag.3 line 1 Incorrect reference Grasp patterns Grasp patterns not included in this edition
96 * Incorrect reference Little language pattern Little language is not included on the book
97 * Unclear reference "Putting it all together" "Using XMLReader - An example"
115 * two comments wrap up on the next line //this is just a leaf <wrap>
in the tree
//this is just a leaf <wrap>
in the tree
See QuadTreeViewer 2.0 for expanded and improved code
139 3 missing element name <!ATTLIST href.. <!ATTLIST a href..
140 * Incorrect DTD * Corrected version in code of DOMCrawler 2.0
143 footnote wrong reference Appendix B Appendix D
150 first under bold wrong reference Figure 6.10 Should not be there